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Beyond Peak Performance. Blueprint Inside.

Updated: Apr 19

High-performing athletes, musicians, and visionary business leaders from many fields describe such peak performance as a feeling of achieving a state of great inner clarity, calmness, simply knowing within and presence. It’s an innate state of clarity when brilliant insights and aha moments come easily and spontaneously, action is powerful and efficient.

Calmfidence Is Within You Already!
Calmfidence Is Within You Already!

I believe that, as human beings, peak performance is innate in us. We are born to thrive and to flourish.

I believe that we all have a built-in blueprint and are born with the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life's journey with ease while contributing to wellbeing in life and beyond.

The very act of getting born, working our way out of space that had become too tight for us. We even fought our way out to achieve freedom out of a narrow passage. Something magical and powerful is definitely within us and wants us to live, and so we come howling into the world. And at times, we accepted the circumstances and received help when needed. We’ll continue to do so and the coming generations will follow.

Everyone has a blueprint and we are meant to move forward and evolve. What do I exactly mean when I say this? Well, let me illustrate my point here. When I look outside the window, there is a twenty-year-old beautiful apple tree in my garden. Now, this apple tree neither has any intellect nor has any strategies to grow juicy apples on it. And yet, it naturally puts down its roots to absorb nutrients and spreads its leaves to maximize the surface area to get enough light and water. So, there is a blueprint within the tree due to which, it can grow and bear fruits. And we, as human beings, are no different. We all, every single one of us, come equipped with this blueprint to thrive, flourish, and perform at a high level.

Another blessing we have is our rational mind; a mind that makes us think and let us use our intellect. As high achievers, we learn to use this intellect to help our performance. And in doing so, we generally use it to think our way into the unknown. As a result, our thoughts accelerate, and the higher we get in terms of education and career, the more we start to rely only on this intellect. And why not? It brought us where we are today and helped us to achieve betterment in the way we live and served us very well so far.

Today the bookshelves and courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps to achieving that” etc. These, no doubt, can support us and practice mindset and knowledge but they are not enough on their own to achieve sustainable and holistic peak performance and true fulfillment. This is the point where we start to see our limitations…

Well, yes, it is a fact that our cognitive intellectual mind is only 5% of our actual mental capacity.

To move into the zone of natural sustainable peak performance, we need to shift our focus from our mindset to congruence in our heartset.

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, relationship, health, or financial goals, both, our cognitive, conscious mind, and unconscious mind need to be working together hand in hand and at their full potential. Relying only on our cognitive intellectual mind alone will not lead us to our brilliance, as it is merely contributing only 5% of our mental capacity.

So, I invite you to re-discover your highly tuned blueprint which is present in everyone and which is the actual key to thrive in this world. This blueprint is at the unconscious level and in fact, is responsible for 95% of our capacities and many automated processes. It's operating in the background 24/ 7, even when we are asleep.

To move to the zone of natural sustainable peak performance, you need to shift from doing what you know how to do… to doing what you are inspired to do. This ultimately takes you to the next level of innate Clarity, true Congruence, and absolute Calmfidence coming from within.

When we start to fully recognise who we really are and realise the things we got without making stuff happen, it opens up a space for our innate wisdom to come forward. Now, this is the “GPS” present within us and which helps in our way to thrive and prosper naturally, with ease.

This is where the ‘initiating spark’ for your peak performance lies which makes you able to have enough space for your brilliance to shine through and your wisdom to guide you through with inspiring aha moments. And this is the difference between effortless brilliant peak performance, compared to having to make something happen by forcing willpower on one’s self.

So, what already exists within you? It’s like looking at small children to see what exists within them before their thinking rational minds kick in: the level of curiosity they naturally have, the imagination they have when they play, the creativity they have when making stuff up, and the resilience they have when they learn how to walk, the level of connection they're able to create with people. It's all inside you already. You don't need all the strategies and techniques and the numerous things you need to do in your morning routine to make you a high performer.

It's really about what is already there and creating the space for this to come through naturally. Revealing what is already within your blueprint can greatly help you increase your level of peak performance, in an effortless way.

According to entrepreneur and bestselling author Tony Robbins says that success is achieved through a plan that is 80 percent psychological and 20 percent strategic.

How you handle those plateaus, psychologically, will determine whether you remain stalled there forever and your company ends up in the graveyard.

If you find yourself facing any psychological mental traps — deal with them, and you’ll have a chance of making it success and on the other side.


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