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You can't simply decide, “Okay, from tomorrow, I am going to be calm,” or “Starting next week, I am going to have unstoppable confidence and more energy.” Let's face it, if you could achieve it, you would have done long ago!


As someone deeply passionate about mastering self-leadership, I've had the privilege of connecting with countless leaders, artistic souls, and high-performing executives. They possessed a treasure trove of strategies to project an image of success and firm self-assuredness. But beneath the surface, there always a fine gap, a hidden fear that someday their inner vulnerabilities would be laid bare. What struck me most was that the more they wore the mask of perfection, the wider the void grew, and their internal restlessness intensified.


Hence, the core purpose and intention of this book is to assist you in living your life from the place of mental state of genuine, authentic Calmfidence, rooted in self-trust and arising naturally from within.


Here, you won't find clichéd affirmations, advice for pretending, analysis, willpower and self-control, reliving painful memories, meditation, nor repeating any other “fixing” mind-tricks. I assume, you have tried some or all of it already and probably they only partially worked for you or not at all. In this book, you will learn a more holistic and enduring approach that delves deeper. Inside Out. Because the most potent tool we all possess is the ability to remain calm and confident.


I invite you to gently nurture a healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself and unveil the Blueprint that is already pre-installed within you.


Similar to a tender young plant pushing through a crack in the concrete pavement, this Blueprint always strives to thrive amid the mental clutter, internal conflicts, and the critical voices that chatter in our heads.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, one that will unveil the intricate workings of self-trust and equip you with the tools to infuse it into your day, empowering you to effortlessly navigate any challenges that come your way. Within these pages, you'll uncover a battle-tested system that will unlock and harness the trust residing within your Core Self. This journey isn't solely about fortifying your Resourceful Parts; it's also a profound exploration into healing your Interfering Parts—those inner voices that sow doubt and negativity, potentially obstructing your path with unpleasant experiences, barriers, and resistance.


Our approach revolves around embracing every facet of your inner world, fostering unity and harmony within your being. In essence, you will not be told to eradicate your shadows; instead, you'll learn the gentle art of casting light upon these shadowy aspects, transforming them into invaluable allies with a natural and effortless grace. By tenderly accepting every fragment of your being, you'll unlock the wellspring of innate self-trust. Why is this transformation crucial? Because a life filled with innate self-trust is nothing short of a paradigm shift—it alters the very fabric of your identity, from the dynamics of your relationships to the trajectory of your career. This fusion of Calmness and Confidence empowers you to make decisions and take actions aligned with your purpose-driven life.


The outcome? You'll discover a profound sense of centredness, clarity and confidence emanating from deep within. This newfound internal balance will steer you towards choices that resonate with your authentic Core Self, infusing you with boundless energy for the experiences that hold true meaning and align with you truly are. My heartfelt aspiration is to guide you towards activating the fullest, most joyful, most authentic, and ultimately, the most successful version of yourself—a true Captain of your own life's voyage!


To your Calmfidence. Inside Out! Nell Puetter

Blueprint of Core Calmfidence

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