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Why inner restlessness makes you seek?

Updated: Apr 19

The condition of inner restlessness can thus hardly be clearly located on a physical or psychological level. Dealing with it is correspondingly difficult: Is there a physical illness behind it that should be taken to the doctor? Or are the complaints a sign of a psychological problem and thus a case for the mental practitioner? We explain what inner restlessness can mean and what to do if the feeling comes up again and again – or even becomes a constant companion.

The stresses of daily life tear at our sense of stability, self-confidence, creating even more vulnerability to stress.
Why inner restlessness makes you seek?

Nervous, excited, tense, somehow tingly: there are many words to describe inner unease. But how does this condition arise - and what is behind it?

Hardly any other feeling makes the unity of body and psyche as clearly perceptible as inner restlessness. On the one hand, mental states such as fear, excitement, and trepidation go hand in hand with physical movements such as sweating, shaking, or heart racing. On the other hand, the possible causes of inner restlessness are both physical and psychological: exam nerves, time pressure at work, arguments in the family are possible triggers, as are thyroid and metabolic disorders.

Definition: What does inner restlessness feel like?

There is no official medical definition of inner restlessness. In the literature, it is often described as a condition that is typically accompanied by tension, excitement, urge to move, anxiety, and/or anticipation, and can be associated with a variety of other symptoms - such as rapid heartbeat, shaking, and sweating. Sometimes restlessness is used as a synonym (i.e. a different term) for nervousness.

Among doctors, restlessness is considered a "non-specific" symptom. This means that it is not a typical sign of a certain illness. Rather, many different illnesses can be associated with inner restlessness. There are also many triggers for inner restlessness that are not due to a disease.

Symptoms: Signs of restlessness

Inner restlessness is usually accompanied by various physical symptoms, such as Heart racing, Shaking, Sweating, or High blood pressure. All of these can be normal reactions of the body to stress. Even if the event was not objectively threatening, if the person affected found it stressful, frightening, or oppressive, this can be enough to trigger a stress reaction.

This is triggered by a part of the nervous system that cannot be controlled at will, the sympathetic nervous system. Among other things, the sympathetic nervous system causes the heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing to accelerate and the body to start sweating, which can lead to the symptoms mentioned above. In this way, the body increases its performance in order to be better prepared for flight or fight.

The state of inner restlessness thus serves an important purpose in emergency situations, but it should not remain permanently. The body cannot remain in a state of heightened readiness all the time. After all, every danger passes at some point, so that every tension is usually followed by relaxation. At least that's how it is in the great outdoors. In the modern world, there are often conditions that put many people under constant stress. This can manifest itself in constant inner turmoil - along with the symptoms mentioned above.

However, stress is not the only possible cause of a feeling of inner restlessness and the associated symptoms such as heart pounding, shaking, sweating, and increased blood pressure. There are also illnesses that can manifest themselves through such complaints.

The stresses of daily life tear at our sense of stability, self-confidence, creating even more vulnerability to stress. You may already know that you need to start building resilience, inner strength or meditate. You may even try to stick to a plan and learn new mindfulness skills, only to find out it didn't work... And it's no wonder - the willpower, affirmations, and plans often don’t work because the cognitive part of our mind is only 5-10% of our mental capacity. ​​ Tap into the power of your unconscious, where real change happens, where inner stability and power comes from within!

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, relationship, health, or financial goals, both, our cognitive, conscious mind, and unconscious mind need to be working together hand in hand and at their full potential. Relying only on our intellectual mind alone will not lead us to our brilliance, as it is merely contributing only 5% of our mental capacity.

However, working with many executives, I noticed that even when they know where the stress is coming from, it still didn't help them to cope with being overwhelmed and triggered. If the stress from the outside is overpowering, own needs take second place - irritability, tiredness, loss of motivation and even some health issues were the unwanted, daily companions.

Start partnering with your unconscious mind and tap into 95% of your unconscious power – this is where real change happens! After re-coding, rewiring, re-imprinting stress triggers, you can lead a life from a point of balance, confidence, power, and stability, coming naturally from within.

In my latest book Blueprint Of Core Calmfidence I am sharing my insights about how to fully recognize and appreciate all that is within you already and expand the way you view yourself and the world.


Known for her gentle approach and profound results, Nell Puetter designed the cutting-edge exclusive inside-out CORE CALMFIDENCE program.

When we start to fully recognize who we really are and realize the things we got without making stuff happen, it opens up a space for our innate wisdom to come forward. This is the built-in Blueprint within us, which helps us thrive and prosper naturally, with ease.

This is where the ‘initiating spark’ for your peak performance lies which makes you able to have enough space for your brilliance to shine through and your wisdom to guide you through with inspiring aha moments. And this is the difference between effortless brilliant peak performance, compared to having to make something happen by forcing willpower on one’s self.

So, what already exists within you? It’s like looking at small children to see what exists within them before their thinking rational minds kick in: the level of curiosity they naturally have, the imagination they have when they play, the creativity they have when making stuff up, and the resilience they have when they learn how to walk, the level of connection they're able to create with people. It's all inside you already. You don't need all the strategies and techniques and the numerous things you need to do in your morning routine to make you a high performer.

It's really about what is already there and creating the space for this to come through naturally. Revealing what is already within your blueprint can greatly help you increase your level of peak performance, in an effortless way.

The CORE CALMFIDENCE exclusive 1:1 inside-out transformative process uses the most powerful tools from different modalities such as Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and includes cutting-edge Core Transformation® methodology.

During this program, you will examine and gently shift the root cause of your emotional eating and re-activate your new healthy lifestyle, as one of the program’s aims is to help you gain confidence in yourself, empower you to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle, and achieve maximum lasting results in the minimum of time.

You may think you are here to change one thing, but gaining CORE CALMFIDENCE will positively impact other areas of your life - from relationships to careers. Because operating from the place of innate calmness, clarity and confidence contribute heavily to your mental and emotional stability. This stability is the foundation of meaningful growth and fulfilling life. Let's Explore! Book your complimentary consult to find out how to move forward.


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