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lead yourself with

Setting goals for achievement can be motivating...


However, for those who struggle to organize their feelings, thoughts, and actions, the inner barriers that come with achievement can be overwhelming, distracting, and intimidating to making progress.


Even if you already know what to do! These feelings can lead to behavior that is judged negatively and ends in a downward spiral. 


With this exclusive coaching approach, you'll learn powerful techniques to perform with more ease, so you can achieve your big goals from a standpoint of calm, inner stability, and confidence. 


You will learn how to gently turn your problem parts into your allies. You will enter the calming yet powerful state of flow and tap into the reservoir of your inner self. That's what we call CALMFIDENCE.


Let us unlock the state of Calmfidence for you!


Client say

Testimonial Inge Heuman
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How we work together


The coaching sessions last up to 90 minutes and I meet my clients at the practice in Hamburg, by phone or via Zoom.

I generally meet with each client at the frequency that works best for them, suggesting at least one meeting per month. I see most clients every 1-2 weeks. Sessions can be canceled or rescheduled, ideally within 48 hours' notice.

My coaching agreements are open-ended and the duration is determined by the client. The average duration of a mandate in my practice is currently around 6 months. There is no commitment to work together for a specific period of time, but I am interested in working with clients who want a long-term relationship with their coach.

My clients are typically on a monthly retainer, which includes three 90 minute coaching sessions and short feedback talks in between, if necessary. 


A self-payer and companies utilise19% VAT as training costs.

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