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For CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who want to break free from OVERTHINKING, stop SELF-CRITICISM and get in control of their thoughts, business and life (again)



build Psychological Capital


Embark on a 4-weeks PROHSPER Journey: A Tailored Inside Out Experience for Business Leaders, focused on Personal Growth, Deep Reflection, and Transformational Self-Leadership Excellence.


Join our training, where we will reveal how to Access, Activate and Cultivate this powerful state of inner Calm and clear Confidence from within.

During build Psychological Capital journey you’ll work with experienced coaches – who are experts in evidence-based modalities like Positive Psychology, Positive Leadership, Neurolinguistic, Hypno-Systemic-Coaching, Spiritual Intelligence and beyond.

We’ll be sharing proven methods relating to how to rewire your inner obstacles gently at the root and move forward expanding and flourishing!


Proven modalities foster true connectedness to Self and Others, enable you create more impact and influence in the world, as well as higher income that you deserve.

But most importantly you will learn how to be in a more healthy relationship with Yourself. And as a result be an authentic leader in your company, society and life!

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This Is For You, If...

You already know a lot about your problem on an intellectual level.
You've read books, attended workshops and taken courses. Despite your best efforts, it's almost as if something, an automatic Part of you, is making you get stuck again. Although in your head you want the opposite.

If that's the case for you, it's a sign that your problem lies at a deeper level. Therefore your solution will be also at a deeper level.


But are you ready to deep dive?


You might be grappling with overwhelming workloads, personal challenges, transition phases or adapting to a new environment.


But classic self-management and mind hacks tricks are no longer working for you.

You did a lot of thinking and analysing, but it didn't resolve your self-struggle.

You struggle with self-motivation and productivity, as willpower and self-discipline don't work in your case.

You believe you can truly create difference in the world, but something is stopping you.


This is the perfect moment to create a thriving momentum, ultimately, the responsibility lies with you to learn how to lead Yourself and pave the way for this positive change.


Let's talk and find out how we can help!


WHY PsyCap?

In every arena, leaders are like athletes—masters of centeredness, clarity and confidence. They learn to lead themselves, before guiding teams, companies, families, and communities.


This imperative amplifies for purpose-driven Leaders, because their daily journey is a constant balance of confronting challenges, bearing the weight of decisions, and shouldering responsibilities, both at the office and in personal domains.

Yet, in this journey, the toxic overthinking, self-doubting and negative self-talk often shadow their every step, blocking the progress. 

The world urgently needs trustworthy leaders to step forward. If you feel a calling to guide others towards greatness or through transitions, it's time to master self-leadership. 


Because navigating your own emotional world and developing a healthy relationship with Yourself is essential before you can genuinely lead others.

Therefore mastering inner Calm and clear Confidence is essential leadership quality!

The ocean of life

No matter how thoroughly you already understood and analysed your issues on an intellectual level, if the issue remains unresolved, it's a sign that you need to deep dive and heal the real root of your struggle.

For leaders across all domains, it's time to cease waisting valuable energy on attempts to "fix" oneself with external quick fixes. These remedies merely serve as distractions from pursuing the path of true efficacy.

Stop imposing willpower on yourself, beating yourself up in the face of procrastination or low motivation. If you did this long enough already, you know that such an approach yields minimal results. Instead learn how to be in an emotional state of inner Calm and clear Confidence automatically and by default!

As a leader, you are much like a captain navigating the vast ocean of professional life. Amidst the ever-changing tides of external and internal challenges, which may trigger unintended behaviours.


Instead of being at the mercy of uncontrollable reactions, it's imperative to navigate with innate Calmfidence, much like a seasoned captain steers a steady ship with grace, through the unpredictable waters in the ocean of life.

Discover how to be in a powerful state of inner Calm and clear Confidence, no matter what.

This is what we call Positive Power by default!

Calmfidence is the Key workshop and training

This could be YOU!

  • Naturally inspire people and teams to follow you.

  • Embrace who you are at the Core and gently shift the emotional roller-coasters of the past.

  • Cultivate better relationship with Yourself, rooted in self-trust and effortlessly navigate any challenge at home or at work

  • Emerge as a leader who remains independent of external opinions and judgments.

  • Lead a life of fulfilment through a purpose bigger than you are.

  • Attain leadership that harmonises emotional stability in all areas of life and enjoy a well-rounded, enriched life.

  • Rewire for a more positive mindset that naturally results in an effective performance, expansive potential, higher productivity and profitability.

If this resonates with you, get in touch!

build PSYCAP

Until it is firmly integrated into your leadership identity. Inside Out!


My name is Nell Puetter

As an Entrepreneur I founded my first company at the age of 26 and also worked in various corporate development positions in Europe, Middle East and USA. So I know the challenges that accompany people on a mission.

Midlife crises was the start of my growth, from being stuck in grieving, escaping to being a workaholic and other destructive behaviours, towards continuous expansion and a development of an award-winning Self-Leadership Programme.

Today my mission at heart is to teach leaders how they can access and nurture their Inner Positive Power. Because I know that if they do that, they can generate even more goodness on this planet.

And that’s the key I want everyone to have. The Key to cultivating an emotional state of Calmfidence on an autopilot. 


Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Nell Puetter leadership award




1:1 Individual Sessions

Flexible Timing

We will design a roadmap to meet your goals and fit into your schedule.


You'll receive 4 individual sessions on a weekly basis (ca 90 Minutes).


Group Training



Over the course of 4 live group sessions you will experience continuous support, learn cultivation of Calmfidence, and start noticing an increase in productivity, positivity and optimal performance!

Virtual & Confidential

CULTIVATE CALMFIDENCE Training is live and virtual. 

It proceeding at your pace, customised to accommodate your timetable, and accessible from the comfort of your home.

Also there is no need to talk about your issues in great details or do extensive home work.

An adaptable system for your demanding schedule.

The primary obstacle hindering individuals from their inner development is often time constraints.

Therefore, whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, parent—or simply someone with a hectic schedule—we will collaborate with you to establish a timetable that aligns with your lifestyle.


Thoroughly researched
evidence-based solutions.

No more sifting through countless modalities, books, podcasts, or coaches.

We have identified the best-in-class, and charted a effective training for you based on your distinct needs and circumstances.

Here What Clients Say

Isabelle Griffin.jpeg

Thank you Nell for your skilful guidance in helping lead myself to be more calm from the inside, despite of any demanding people around me and pressure. Four weeks after our first session I still feel centered and balanced, noting the triggers, but this time I have an automatic wisdom and inner strength to act wisely!!! Wow, what a great way being inflow with myself, with my life and with people around me! Millions thanks

Isabelle Griffin, CEO, Zurich

Activate Universal Resilience

No one is successful 100% of the time. Failure is always a part of success. Those who have figured out how to turn obstacles into opportunities and keep getting back up, even after major failures, are the ones who become successful. That kind of inner strength comes from cultivating a deep belief in yourself. Inside out!


The mental state of Calmfidence is present in you naturally when you are sharing your passion with those around you, rather than just “fixing things.” Passion and purpose will draw people to you and allow you to build trust – and success in life is built on trusting your authentic Self and trusting others.

Act with

Every great leader is driven. They have a hunger to achieve more and grow not only in their career, but as humans. How do they find that drive? It doesn’t come from a desire for wealth or status. They’ve made the connection between excellence and their purpose in life – whether that is giving back to the community, being there for family or sharing their knowledge with others.


Your daily habits affect every other area of your life. Learn Calmfidence Practice that puts you in a positive mental state and creates even more positivity. Cultivate Calmfidence until it becomes your identity!


In the end, what really sets apart a successful leader is natural inner motivation. Leaders know that they are never done learning and growing. They take every opportunity to expand.


Please note…


—this program is NOT for you if you’re happy with the status quo and scared of making quantum leaps in your performance, prosperity and personal lifestyle.


—this program is NOT for you if you’re not open to exchanging with other entrepreneurs, leaders, fascinating and successful people.


—this program is NOT for you if you’re not interested to make our world a healthier and more loving place.

—this program is NOT a therapy and is not for you if you have serious mental health issues.


Now, it must be clear: all this inside out approach is not worth anything to people who are not serious about doing inner work, that will help solve your issues at the root

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