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33% OFF FOR EARLY BIRDS! Overcome Stress, Fear of Performance, Overthinking and Procrastination!

  • Starts 5 Sept
  • 555 euros
  • Live via Zoom

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Calmfidence meets Neuroscience! NOTE: 33% OFF FOR EARLY BIRDS until August 25th. Apply VOUCHER: AUG24_CmN33 HOW: Live on Zoom. Anonymous participation possible ______________________ PRESENTERS: Nell Puetter & Dr. Mohita Shrivastava In this training we will understand and apply the following: How our brain, mind, and body work together Three Brains inside our body Three Nervous Systems in our body The Neuroscience duo: Biology & Psychology behind stress, fear, overthinking and procrastination Learn and Practice "Calmfidence Inside Out" technique to overcome stress, fear of performance, overthinking and procrastination! ______________________ APPLICATION: Apply this approach into the most common areas of life each one of us often experience: Stress, Fear, Overthinking and Procrastination ______________________ EXECUTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT: Stress is natural and belongs to life itself. To cope with stress, biology invented different mechanisms, since stress resistance is obligatory! Concepts of stress and stress management with underlying physiological and neurobiological pathways. Learn & Practice effective ways to Rewire Stress inside out! ______________________ PERFORMANCE FEAR: Fear is a natural and biological condition, our survival response — roller-coaster fans and horror movie buffs — thrive on it, while other people avoid it. Have you ever wondered why? Fear is experienced in the mind, but it triggers a strong physiological reaction in our body. What Happens in the Brain When We Feel Fear? Learn & Practice effective ways to Overcome Fear once and for all! ______________________ OVERTHINKING: Have you ever been told, "you're overthinking it"? If you think you’re the only one up at night, replaying that conversation from earlier in the day, in your head—you’re not alone. Overthinking may be present in the form of rumination about the past or anxiety about the future. Learn & Practice effective ways to Overcome Overthinking with ease! ______________________ PROCRASTINATION: Everyone puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and may deliberately look for distractions. Procrastination tends to reflect a person’s struggles with self-control. In this session we will understand: Learn & Practice effective ways to Overcome Procrastination naturally, without forcing yourself! ______________________ Join us for 8 hours training where Calmfidence meets Neuroscience!

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Calmfidence®, Hartungstraße 16, Hamburg, Deutschland

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