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The legend of NLP Dr. Connirae Andreas

Updated: Aug 21

Dr. Connirae Andreas is a prominent figure in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is known for her contributions as an author, trainer, and developer of NLP techniques. Connirae Andreas, along with her late husband Steve Andreas, co-authored several influential books on NLP, such as "Heart of the Mind" and "Change Your Mind—and Keep the Change."

Connirae Andreas has made significant contributions to the field of NLP, particularly in the area of submodality interventions, which involve working with the sensory qualities of subjective experience. She has also developed techniques like the "Core Transformation Process" and the "Wholeness Work."

As a trainer and coach, Connirae Andreas has conducted workshops and seminars internationally, teaching NLP techniques and helping individuals achieve personal and professional growth. Her work has had a profound impact on the field of NLP and has influenced numerous practitioners and trainers worldwide.

Dr. Connirae Andreas studied child and adolescent psychology at the University of Kansas, holds an MA in clinical psychology (University of Colorado) and has a doctorate in psychotherapy (North Central University, 1989). She is one of the first NLP trainers and has been working as a trainer, developer and author in the field of personal growth since the late 1970s. Together with her husband Steve Andreas, who died in 2018, she made an important contribution to the further development of NLP by designing more in-depth methods. Above all, she has set an example with her loving attitude.

She is known for her extraordinary work as inventor of the Core Transformation® process andThe Wholeness Work®. She developed this simple and gentle method from personal experience with the work of Milton Erickson. It is an easy path that helps us open a door to our inner core states. This supports us in a very natural way in solving many of our problems and challenges from an inner attitude and in achieving a holistic, personal balance.

To this day, Connirae Andreas, together with her sister Tamara and her son Mark, is an inspiration for many people who want to develop personally from their inner SELF and for many coaches and trainers who accompany these people.

Connirae Andreas is an honorary member of Der European Association for The Wholeness Work (European Association for The Wholeness Work – EATWW eV) Together with all members, the association ensures quality and seriousness.

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