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Transform unwanted emotions, limiting thought patterns, stress, and unhealthy habits from within. CT method is recognized by renowned experts. It is simple, pleasant, comprehensive and very effective step-by-step process.


The Core Transformation Training is a great added value for self-help users, NLP beginners and advanced users as well as for coaches and therapists who want to expand their toolbox with effective methods.

You can use Core Transformation to resolve your own issues or use this method to help your clients. 

The Core Transformation method is very effective even if you have already understood a lot about your problem on an intellectual level.
Especially if you have already read books and taken courses about your problem, but despite all your efforts, you could not solve it. It's almost as if something, an automatic part, is getting in your way!

You are in the right place if that's the case for you - it is a sign that your problem has a deeper cause at the subconscious level. 
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In the past, the Core Transformation process was only accessible to advanced NLP students at the Master Practitioner level.


From now on everyone can learn this brilliant, life-changing method online live in German with Nell Puetter   and Ralph Koebler.

The elegant Core Transformation method includes almost all elements of NLP, among others


All levels of the Dilts Pyramid

Parts Work / Parts Work 

Trance work / Hypnosis

Timeline Reimprinting


Future Pace



Thus, the popular training contains some of the most effective, profound and lasting personal change processes from the entire field of NLP.

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Core Transformation wissenschaftlich erwiesen


The effectiveness of the Core Transformation was impressively proven in a study and shows that the core transformation leads to results!


According to a peer-reviewed and published study*, just one session of Core Transformation usually leads to significant improvements: discomfort is relieved and well-being is increased. And these results were measured 4 and 8 weeks after application. This method has the great advantage that it leads to impressive results within a very short time - even with difficult clients and patients.

*Investigating the Clinical Efficacy of Core Transformation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Dinesh J Braganza, Ralph L Piedmont, Jesse Fox, Geraldine M Fialkowski. Loyola University Maryland

Richard M Gray, Ph.D. Fairleigh Dickinson University. .


(Of course, individual experiences vary; we recommend applying Core Transformation multiple times for optimal results).


In the online video course, Nell Pütter and Ralph Köbler will lay the foundations so that you have the opportunity to fully experience and learn the most effective and scientifically recognized Core Transformation method. 


The trainers demonstrate the process with participants; observing the steps will make it easy for you to do the process yourself. 

During the video course, you will realize that even self-destructive behaviors can have a positive intent.


The method gently guides you to discover these, which   naturally produces a shift in consciousness.

You can then use this powerful tool for personal change as a self-coaching tool or for your clients.

You can watch the recorded video training on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Learn one of the best inner transformation methods out there, whether you seek change for yourself or for your clients.


You will learn in this online video course through real live demonstrations led by certified trainers.

You will get to know the CT process in detail and deal intensively with the most important points of practical application with step-by-step instructions.


The workbook and scripts will ease your way. 


These fascinatingly simple techniques can lead us into more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others, as well as deeper inner states.


  With the Core Transformation, the change comes from within you, not from someone else.


The aim is to strengthen self-esteem, clarity, balance and inner peace while developing a deeper appreciation and better relationship with oneself.


All this is possible - with the Core Transformation technique. A simple, most innovative method for inner transformation that you can use.


It works on a deep level, which could be described as "transformative remodeling" and creates the changes in an easy, natural and comfortable way, without pressure.

In this dynamic and experiential workshop you will gain a better understanding of yourself and others as you experience your sense of worthiness, balance, connection and compassion.

Learn at your own pace Online Video Course Core Transformation and work effectively on the deeper level of consciousness.

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