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Hello, I'm Nell

as a postgraduate in Positive Psychology and Mental Health, I am also certified as NLP Core Transformation® Trainer and Self-Leadership Coach. My mission is to help great people to regain their inner balance, Core Calmfidence and creative power. From the inside out. Find out more here

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Whether you're a top performer who wants to keep improving, someone who wants to start a new chapter in life, want to do something different, whether you want to achieve personal or professional goals, I firmly believe that our cognitive (analytical) and unconscious (everything else) need to work together to help you reach your full potential with ease.

Transformative Self-Leadership Coaching and trainings with me are not about being perfect. Instead they are about building better relationships with yourself and overall fostering a sense of inner power, connection, purpose and fulfilment no matter where you are, what you have or who you are with.

If this resonates with you, then let's begin to unfold your true Core Self.




Nell Puetter holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Positive Psychology and Mental Health as well as MSc. in International Business. In addition, she is certified as an NLP Core Transformation Trainer and Self-Leadership Coach. She is the author of the book Blueprint of Core Calmfidence .


As part of Corporate Health Initiative, Nell holds lectures and training courses on the subject of Self-Leadership for business and management groups.

Since 2014 she has been teaching the Inside Out methods to people all over the world and is the leading trainer for Core Transformation in Germany.


Nell has a private Coaching Practice for Self-Leadership in Hamburg and helps people to achieve goals and overcome limits, both in one-on-one meetings or workshops, on site in Hamburg and via Zoom, in English, German and Russian languages.

Although Nell uses many personal transformation methods (IFS, Parts Work, Positive Psychology, Integrative Hypnosis, Systemic- & Gestalt Coaching), Hypno-Systemic Coaching is her preferred method, which she uses on both herself and her clients. Thanks to its profound effectiveness and easy applicability to a wide range of subjects, whether at home or at work.

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Nell Puetter

"I am devoted to help people on their journey of inner transformation. Because a person's success or failure ultimately depends on their ability to navigate their own inner world. And most importantly, build a healthy relationship with themselves."

The most important relationship in life is the relationship with yourself.

Nell Puetter



Self-Leadership Trainer & Coach | English & German