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Building more inner stability through the power of mentoring

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More CALMFIDENCE from the inside out!

Mentors can enrich the life of a mentee in many ways: professional orientation, recognition of potential, development of new ideas and establishment of contacts. However, one thing that isn't talked about often enough is how mentors can help build mentee's self-confidence.

People are often plagued by self-doubt or shyness at work. Having a mentor by your side to guide you through these hurdles can go a long way in building confidence.

The master SELF-LEADERSHIP mentoring program helps you to develop your full personal potential, professionally and privately.

Its all about inner calmness supercharged by true confidence: profound methods and effective techniques that will be taught to you in personal discussions or in workshops!

A mentor sees talent and genius in you that you don't see for yourself and then helps you bring it out.


At Calmfidence Academy, we are fortunate to work with companies around the world that put their people first and mentor them to help them grow. We offer our services to the public, private individuals and companies.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring keeps people engaged, productive and resilient within the organisations.


As a self-leadership mentor, I create time, space and structure so that people can process their thoughts and feelings.


I specialise in mentoring individuals whose job it is to keep employees engaged, productive, healthy and resilient.


If you are a leader responsible for promoting the mental health and well-being of your employees and/or want to brush up on your soft skills, I'm here for you!



The most effective and profound personal change process
the inner transformation!

Learn how to put your Calmfidence on autopilot!


The blockade is the gateway to development. Make your crisis the journey to yourself. Use it as an opportunity for further development.


Achieve a sovereign serenity that is dependent on nothing and nobody.

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Strengthen your inner peace while gaining a deeper appreciation and better relationship with yourself. So that inner confidence becomes your being.


The effectiveness of the core transformation was impressively demonstrated in a study and shows that this work leads to results.

Nell Puetter | Your Trainer

Nell Pütter is an award-winning trainer and coach, certified in Postive Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and specializes in Self-Leadership. She is the author of the book Blueprint of Core Calmfidence and founder of the Calmfidence® Academy.


Since 2014 she has been bringing inner work to people all over the world.


Although Nell uses many methods of classic coaching, the approaches of inner transformation are her preferred method, which she has been using with her clients for years.

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Secret #1:

How your subconscious can help you get to the root of your issue. And permanently!

Secret #2:

How to resolve inner conflicts to run in one direction with full power, without the inner struggle

Secret #3:

How you can simply drop bad habits, heavy emotions, pain, 

dependencies without being forced  - like on autopilot

Secret #4:

How to access your deeper meaning received and further doors will open for you

Secret #5:

How to turn your inner critic into an ally and experience transformation through self-awareness

...a gentle yet highly effective method that has helped many people...

Change and heal difficult emotions like fear, pain, anger, overwhelm, irritation, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and more...

Change unwanted habits e.g. nail biting. It has even helped people with overeating and addiction problems.

Change stress, limiting beliefs and bad habits from within. A peer-reviewed method that is effortless, comfortable, thorough and effective.


Instead of waging an inner struggle, include all aspects to find inner peace.

Connect to your inner source of well-being, joy and oneness.

Instead of stirring up your problems, transform your experiences, gently, from within, once and for all!

Learn a method that can convert almost anything.

A great added value for everyone who wants to expand their toolbox with effective methods of inner transformation (professional or private).

What does SELF-LEADERSHIP through inner transformation mean?

It means a profound, complete inner change: 

From feeling "I'm not worth it" to a sense of being, wholeness and self-confidence


From destructive patterns in dealing with others (like outbursts of anger or withdrawal) to full presence, calm and true confidence


From unconscious blockages like procrastination and self-sabotage to being in flow and achieving goals with ease!


These are examples of true inner transformation that produce lasting, life-changing results.


This is what I help to do as a human. When you are ready to unleash your true potential, expand your impact and be rewarded for doing so, come to Free Masterclass training

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