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lead yourself with

Cultivate your true CORE.

With CALMFIDENCE approach. 

With scientific knowledge from the fields of NLP and positive psychology.

Build your inner stability

to stay focused and calm in times of chaos.

 Our approach includes techniques that have proven themselves with the top performers.


What awaits you?

It all starts with a healthy relationship with YOURSELF!  

Based on Positive Psychology and Neurosciencespeak the Results for themselves. 


Discover your CORE, your true ME and activate the inner compass for more


Through the process of self-design

Many leaders feel that they always have to be reactive and that everything is always urgent. They find it difficult to have a sense of completeness and there is always more to do. Plus, they're constantly distracted by technology, family, and other opportunities. 


These conditions can burn them out and rob them of their productivity, influence, and wellbeing.


We are helping them to develop better emotion-regulation and self-leadership so that they have more time and freedom in their lives.


These skills help leaders create an integrated life in which their activities are synergistically aligned to enable them to accomplish their life's work.  


Most importantly, we help leaders effectively regain their energy and meet their most vital needs so that they can achieve full self-realization.


The ideal outcome is a lifestyle from the inner state of Calmfidence.

lead yourself with

From the place of unity...

...your inner strength is created!

The impossible becomes possible.
The feasible becomes easy.
The easy becomes elegant.

Because your performance is sustainable if your success is based on health and emotional well-being and happy relationships.

The most effective and profound personal change process
the inner transformation!

Find out how to put your sustainable performance and your Core Calmfidence on autopilot in all areas of life!

Core-Unity-Formel Nell Puetter & Nadine Rauch Calmfidence Academy_Clarity.png

What's stopping you? Gain clarity and identify the blockages.

In the first sessions with your mentor, your limiting beliefs or blockages will become visible.


Before you can accept goals in your career, relationship or health, your inner attitude is important to develop a better understanding of yourself, your inner pattern, your view of yourself and the world.

Core-Unity-Formel Nell Puetter & Nadine Rauch Calmfidence Academy_Congruent We are all con

New findings  and create congruence.


Next, you work with your mentor to develop your inner congruences that will help you overcome old beliefs and achieve breakthroughs. Your new insights become regular habits that you can apply in all parts of your life - not just to work towards a specific goal. You start loving your life. 

Core-Unity-Formel Nell Puetter & Nadine Rauch Calmfidence Academy_Take Action with Calmfid

Strengthen the state of Calmfidence and the new Resources to get started with inner strength.


The rest of your New Setting with your mentor focuses on getting the resources you need to do your best!

Strengthen your core and at the same time gain a deeper appreciation and better relationship with yourself. So that inner confidence becomes your core - your true ME.

CORE-UNITY Calmfidence Academy.png

Sustainable success through holistic WellbeingCore Calmfidence in all your areas of life.


The effectiveness of the method has been impressively proven and shows that your new inner attitude leads to lasting, sustainable results.

Make the crisis your journey to yourself.


Let's begin!

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