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Learn more about this powerful method of transformation in a free webinar masterclass (in German language)

CORE TRANSFORMATION VIDEO TRAINING AUF DEUTSCH  (Präsentation (169)) (1200 × 628px) (Websi
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The next level is the
inner transformation

How to change unwanted feelings, thoughts and reactions from within...

In this free master class Nell Puetter, an award-winning Self-Leadership coach, Core Transformation trainer and Author will share with you .. how to instead of stirring up your problems, you can easily transform them in your core, from within.

how to effectively dissolve bad habits, heavy emotions, chronic pain, addictions, etc. in yourself and others

how you can achieve lasting success in a fraction of the time

How to discard unwanted thought patterns easily and sustainably


Learn how to apply an effective, evidence-based, universal method of inner transformation and use it to build a successful coaching practice.

You will learn...

Why most coaching models only scratch the surface of the transformation and don't help the client.


Why clearing your own blocks will lead to exponential growth for you and your customers.


How to quickly and effectively go DEEP in each session so you can make lasting change.

How to locate the unconscious & conscious of yourself that is causing an unwanted feeling, behavior, or habit.

How to change without trying to get rid of any part of yourself or make it bad or wrong.

How to get a solid and unwaveringly positive sense of who you are, even in the most difficult of situations.

How anything we don't like about ourselves can lead us to a profound inner gifts.

How we can heal ourselves and develop as human beings - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Nell Puetter | Your Trainer

Nell Pütter is certified in Core Transformation as a trainer and coach and specializes in self-leadership. She is the author of the book Blueprint of Core Calmfidence and founder of the Calmfidence® Academy.


Since 2014 she has been bringing inner work to people all over the world.


Although Nell uses many personal change methods (NLP, IFS, Parts Work, Positive Psychology, Integrative Hypnosis, NeuroChange), the Core Transformation Process is her preferred method, which she uses on both herself and her clients.

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CORE TRANSFORMATION VIDEO TRAINING AUF DEUTSCH  (Präsentation (169)) (1200 × 628px) (Websi

If you can't be there, register to receive a REPLAY

The most effective and profound personal change process
the inner transformation!



The blockade is the gateway to development. Make your crisis the journey to yourself. Use it as an opportunity for further development.


Achieve a sovereign serenity that is dependent on nothing and nobody.

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Strengthen your inner peace while gaining a deeper appreciation and better relationship with yourself. So that inner confidence becomes your being.


The effectiveness of the core transformation was impressively proven in a study and shows that the core transformation leads to results.


Secret #1:

How your subconscious can help you get to the root of your issue. And permanently!

Secret #2:

How to resolve inner conflicts to run in one direction with full power, without the inner struggle

Secret #3:

How you bad habits, heavy emotions, pain, 

Simply drop dependencies without being forced  - like on autopilot

Secret #4:

How to access your deeper meaning received and further doors will open for you

Secret #5:

How to turn your inner critic into an ally and experience transformation through self-awareness

Core Transformation is a gentle yet effective method that has helped many people...

Change and heal difficult emotions like fear, pain, anger, overwhelm, irritation, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and more...

Change unwanted habits e.g. nail biting. It has even helped people with overeating and addiction problems.

Change stress, limiting beliefs and bad habits from within. A peer-reviewed method that is effortless, comfortable, thorough and effective.


Instead of waging an inner struggle, include all aspects to find inner peace.

Connect to your inner source of well-being, joy and oneness.

Instead of stirring up your problems, transform your experiences, gently, from within, once and for all!

Learn a method that can convert almost anything.

A great added value for everyone who wants to expand their toolbox with effective methods of inner transformation (professional or private).

What participants say!


What does inner transformation mean?

It means a profound, complete inner change: 

From feeling "I'm not worth it" to a sense of being, wholeness and self-confidence


From destructive patterns in dealing with others (like outbursts of anger or withdrawal) to full presence, calm and true confidence


From unconscious blockages like procrastination and self-sabotage to being in flow and achieving goals with ease!


These are examples of true inner transformation that produce lasting, life-changing results.


This is what I help to do as a human. When you are ready to unleash your true potential, expand your impact and be rewarded for doing so, come to Free Masterclass training

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