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lead others with

is geared towards optimal cooperation and "Positive Leadership" - an environment in which everyone supports and encourages each other to make the best of themselves.  


The result is teams entering "Calmfidence Mode" a unique shared mental state that enables them to achieve more than the mere sum of their parts.


Positive Leadership

The team work with CALMFIDECE®  Leadership Program is designed with the intent to bring the knowledge and benefits of the flow state to leadership to enrich performance for all.


From the state of flow, it is easier for us to enter the next level of human performance. This powerful inner state enhances creativity, increases performance and accelerates decision-making.


This scientifically based implementation combines productivity with well-being in order to increase performance and enjoyment in working life holistically and sustainably.

Imagine that you, your team and your company are operating from the fulfilling state of serenity and focus. 

Friendly Business Team
"Healthy leaders lead healthy teams. Healthy teams create extraordinary companies"

– Nell Puetter, founder and CEO of Calmfidence Academy

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