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Transform unwanted emotions, limiting thought patterns, stress, and unhealthy habits from within. CT method is recognized by renowned experts. It is simple, pleasant, comprehensive and very effective step-by-step process.

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Designed for beginners, lateral entrants as well as for advanced users and professionals in the areas of personal development.

As a holistic approach, it goes beyond conventional psychotherapeutic goals and treatment methods and supports personality growth.


Elements of NLP, positive psychology, hypnosis, gestalt therapy and other mind-expanding methods flow into the coachingprocess a.

A method of transpersonal psychology

Experience the powerful combination of spirituality and positive psychology.


Discover your inner wisdom that reaches beyond the ME.

Connect with your inner source and learn to integrate this loving, holistic power into everyday life.

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In the past, the Core Transformation process was only accessible to advanced NLP students at the Master Practitioner level.


From now on everyone can learn this brilliant, life-changing method online live in German with Nell Puetter   and Ralph Koebler.

The elegant Core Transformation method includes almost all elements of NLP, among others


All levels of the Dilts Pyramid

Parts Work / Parts Work 

Trance work / Hypnosis

Timeline Reimprinting


Future Pace



Thus, the popular training contains some of the most effective, profound and lasting personal change processes from the entire field of NLP.



Learn how to do it!

You will learn in the workshop using real live demonstrations led by certified trainers.


You will get to know the course of the process in detail and deal intensively with the most important points of practical application. In addition, you practice with step-by-step instructions. The workbook and scripts will ease your way. 


The personal support provided by the experienced team of trainers creates a confidential atmosphere.

In this way, not only is knowledge imparted, but skills are also practiced.

Learning inner transformation has never been so practical and easy to follow.

You can watch us demonstrate the process with a volunteer. The participants will then carry out the individual exercises in groups of two.

Training is recorded, giving you the option to watch the recording as many times as you like between webinars. 

Regardless of whether the workshop takes place on site or online, both variants are equally valuable. They contain the same content and are managed personally by Nell Puetter and/or Ralph Koebler.


  With the Core Transformation, the change comes from within you, not from someone else.


The Core Transformation Training is a great added value on the path of personal development as self-help, as well as an excellent tool for coaches, consultantsDoctors,hypnotists,Psychologists and therapists who want to expand their skills with effective methods.

You can use Core Transformation to resolve your own issues or use this method to help your clients. 

The Core Transformation method is very effective even if you have already understood a lot about your problem on an intellectual level.
Especially when you understood your problem on a rational level, but despite all your efforts, you couldn't solve it. If this is the case for you - it is a sign that your most unresolved issue has a deeper root and is at the unconscious level. Therefore, the solution of your topic will also lie in the deeper levels


Maybe you also know that you talk to friends about your blockade, watch YouTube videos and have read many books. 

In the meantime you have understood everything on a logical level, only that it didn't help you much and your problem topic is still there ... 


Then this is a sign that this is a blockage that lies on the subconscious level.

Transform what blocks you with Core Transformation® Process around.

Once and for all!

The limitation is the gateway to development


You may be wondering how is it that a single technique can help people achieve results in so many different areas of life? Instead, through Core Transformation, we find out that our limitations and blockages are the gateway to the solution.


This happens naturally because, thanks to the Core Transformation technique, the change comes from within yourself, not from outside or third parties.

When we are feeling overwhelmed, the Core Transformation Method is the best daily practice to take time out and connect with our deeper selves. 



Even beginners benefit from this effective method. And some people want to practice this approach as much as possible in a workshop, group or individual coaching.
No matter how far you want to go, we are here to support you on your journey of personal transformation.
CORE TRANSFORMATION VIDEO TRAINING AUF DEUTSCH  (Präsentation (169)) (1200 × 628px) (Websi

Online Video Course

Learn the basics of this method

in an online video course:  Core Transformation Foundation Level 1

Language: German 

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Free Master Class

In this masterclass you will learn the secrets of the Core Transformation method and why the process is so simple, powerful and universal.


Register here >

Language: German

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Practice evenings

If you completed foundation level 1 training, we invite you to the CT CIRCLE to continue practicing.

Get yourself on the list here >

Language: German 


Live via Zoom

This enables your individual transformation and also teaches the CT technique in practice.


Language: German 


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You gain a deep insight into the inner transformation method, which offers you many opportunities to apply it directly.

You learn the practical application through self-awareness.

In the workshop, you work on your own topics and shift – everything from craving junk food to yelling at the kids.

You can work on transforming feelings like anger, fear, shame, sadness, disappointment, etc

You can easily shed judgment, negativity, and other unwanted thought patterns.

Many participants find a new "way of being" that is very resourceful.

Core Transformation Trainings

in Hamburg or via Zoom

Due to the current situation, we are getting more and more inquiries as to whether the Core Transformation will also take place as a live online workshop.  


Therefore, Nell Puetter and Ralph Koebler , one of the few certified Core Transformation Coaches and Trainers in Germany, have teamed up to offer the Core Transformation Workshops in German .

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

NLP Core Transformation Workshop auf Deutsch Nell Puetter free


...could effectively treat problems such as bad habits, heavy emotions, chronic pain, addictions, etc. in yourself and others?

...could work successfully on yourself or with clients who even experienced coaches and therapists do not trust themselves, who cannot be expected to deal with an emotionally disturbing application?

...would achieve lasting success in a fraction of the time?


...could successfully solve the challenges?

...or your clients who don't want to or can't talk about their problem, but still want to overcome it? How about if you could resolve these issues yourself?

...or your clients, for whom numerous sessions have not brought a breakthrough so far, and who are still looking for a solution?

Core Transformation Deutsch

The most common areas of application are:

  • Professional issues and progress
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Quit smoking, nail biting and other habits
  • Transforming "difficult" emotions and behaviors
  • Activate weight management and healthy eating habits
  • control of anger

  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, insecurities

  • cope with stress in everyday life

  • Improving all aspects of overall health

  • increase self-acceptance

Calm Woman Core Transformation Workshop.png


All this is possible - with Core Transformation technology. A simple, most innovative method for inner transformation that you can use.


She works on a deep level, which could be described as "transformative remodeling" and creates the changes in an easy, natural and comfortable way, without pressure.

In this dynamic and experiential workshop you will gain a better understanding of yourself and others as you experience your sense of worthiness, balance, connection and compassion.

The aim is to increase self-esteem, clarity, balance and inner peace while developing a deeper appreciation and better relationship with yourself.

Take part in a Core Transformation workshop and work effectively on the deeper level of consciousness.

How can Core Transformation Training 
can help you transform your life?



Each step of the Core Transformation Method is broken down into smaller sub-steps and trained live during the workshop.


Our Core Transformation Foundation Workshop includes hands-on exercises so you are guided through the Core Transformation experience.


This training also gives you tools that you can use yourself.


We recommend starting with a small problem. Even working on something seemingly insignificant can reliably lead to a profound inner resource, like a sense of well-being or oneness!


As you learn the process, you can eventually transform moderately difficult or even very serious issues.

Many live demonstrations, practical exercises and plenty of time to train and after the workshop we are happy to answer your questions.

Experience the power of Core Transformation.
Online. Live.

How to learn the CT technique

Nell and Ralph will lay the foundations for a safe learning environment so that you have the opportunity to fully experience the Core Transformation process.


Then they demonstrate the process to you with a participant; observing the steps will make it easy for you to do the process yourself.


You will receive a workbook that provides a clear, step-by-step script to guide and be guided by a partner.


Experienced coaches and   assistants   are available to the participants if they need individual support at any point along the way.


In the subsequent discussion you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Some of the discussion may take place in small, coach-moderated groups, giving everyone the opportunity to speak and receive input in a more personal and intimate setting.


The exercises are always voluntary.


Learn one of the best inner transformation methods out there, whether you seek change for yourself or for your clients.


Guide and be guided through a powerful experience with the help of a step-by-step script

and competent support.

live workshops via zoom or in Online video course


These fascinatingly simple techniques can lead us into more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others, as well as deeper inner states such as sovereign serenity.


The Core Transformation method works from within to change unwanted behaviors, feelings and reactions.


The CT process can help us find a basic sense of well-being even when life is at its worst - like a calm haven in the midst of a stormy sea.


It's an experience where we don't repress our most hated quirks and weaknesses, our worst flaws and most disliked behaviors, but transform them, allowing them to become our strongest allies.

Core Transformation Workshop Graues Haar .png


During the training, you will realize that even self-defeating behaviors can have a positive intent. The Core Transformation method gently guides you to discover these, which naturally produce the shift in consciousness.


The CT workshop responds to the deepest aspirations of our time to heal ourselves and to develop as human beings emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Core Transformation wissenschaftlich erwiesen


The effectiveness of the Core Transformation was impressively proven in a study and shows that the core transformation leads to results!


According to a peer-reviewed and published study*, just one session of Core Transformation usually leads to significant improvements: discomfort is relieved and well-being is increased. And these results were measured 4 and 8 weeks after application. This method has the great advantage that it leads to impressive results within a very short time - even with difficult clients and patients.

*Investigating the Clinical Efficacy of Core Transformation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Dinesh J Braganza, Ralph L Piedmont, Jesse Fox, Geraldine M Fialkowski. Loyola University Maryland

Richard M Gray, Ph.D. Fairleigh Dickinson University. .


(Of course, individual experiences vary; we recommend applying Core Transformation multiple times for optimal results).

A quick solution?

Yes and no. It offers instant results and techniques you can use for the rest of your life as you learn and grow. For the depth of experience and change one can experience, it is very rapid indeed. However, many people report that with repeated use of the process, they experience greater depth and integration of their core states into everyday life.


Note: Although some people experience health benefits, Core Transformation is not a substitute for medical treatment.

The CT Foundation Workshop is the best way to learn the Core Transformation technique for both working with clients and for self use.

And more than with other methods, it seems important to have direct practical experience with this technique in order to guide others to experience their deep inner core congruently.

About Connirae Andreas

D.r Connirae Andreas studied child and adolescent psychology at the University of Kansas, holds an MA in clinical psychology (University of Colorado) and has a doctorate in psychotherapy (North Central University, 1989). She is one of the first NLP trainers and has been working as a trainer, developer and author in the field of personal growth since the late 1970s. Together with her husband Steve Andreas, who died in 2018, she made an important contribution to the further development of NLP by designing more in-depth methods. Above all, she has set an example with her loving attitude.


She is known for her extraordinary work as inventor of the Core Transformation® process andThe Wholeness Work®. She developed this simple and gentle method from personal experience with the work of Milton Erickson. It is an easy path that helps us open a door to our inner core states. This supports us in a very natural way in solving many of our problems and challenges from an inner attitude and in achieving a holistic, personal balance.


To this day, Connirae Andreas, together with her sister Tamara and her son Mark, is an inspiration for many people who want to develop personally from their inner SELF and for many coaches and trainers who accompany these people.

Connirae Andreas is an honorary member of Der European Association for The Wholeness Work (European Association for The Wholeness Work – EATWW eV) Together with all members, the association ensures quality and seriousness.

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