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Because high performance is only sustainable if success is based on health and emotional well-being as well as happy relationships.


Evidence-based approach

Based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience

Achieve sustained high performance using methods proven by the Fortune 500. The effectiveness of the Core Method has been impressively proved in positive psychology and neuroscience. The method is holistic, so it has the great advantage that it leads to results within a very short time.


Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi

What is

CALMFIDENCE is Calmness + Confidence.

You have a fulfilling life when you act from a holistic approach, solve inner conflicts, make a contribution to the world and at the same time remain true to your own CORE. 

Said and done! But how?

About you


You've already achieved a lot and realize that the traditional definition of success, money and status is not really emotional.

To really live with a purpose, it takes something more...

Let's talk about one thing that almost every successful entrepreneur, executive, competitive athlete or artist faces sooner or later...

The price of success is high!


> It's easy to be successful when it comes at the expense of deeply connected relationships...

> It's easy to devote your life to building your empire while putting fun and adventure on hold...

> It's easy to make a lot of money while neglecting your health and well-being...

> It's easy to gain outside approval and lose your true CORE in the process...


My name is Nell Puetter

I help entrepreneurs and performance-oriented people to find a congruent fulfillment that is build on the concept of wholeness. I join forces with those who wish to leave this planet a better place.


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High performance through CORE and holistic well-being

I accompany you on the way to your CORE, to your inner wisdom and help you your Emotional intelligence paired with deep self-awarenessto develop knowledge.

Your next step is...

Your intellectual and emotional intelligence has brought you to where you are today.

It doesn't necessarily get you where you want to be, though. 


There are blind spots. We all have them, no matter how successful you are. 

Exploring and nurturing your Higher Intelligence is your next step!

Are you ready?

Together we can move a lot!

I bridge the gap to your CORE and show you how to activate and cultivate your higher intelligence.


Because you live your potential out of your CORE, you are in flow more often, so you can move even more into the world.

Lead yourself and master your emotional world before you lead others!

You are in flow and can create great things when the following areas of your life are aligned. And from the inside out!

(P) Positive Emotions (heal your past, to have better future)

(E) Commitment (being able to get involved)

(R) Relationships (healthy relationships, professional & private)

(M) Meaning (purpose and impact your create )

(A) Accomplishment (goal achievement)


(V) Vitality (nutrition, sleep, exercise)

When someone feels healthy emotional states, can develop their potential and bring it into their life, feels connected to others, sees meaning and fulfillment in their actions and achieves their own goals, they will flourish and enjoy greater life satisfaction.

Yes but how?


This is exactly what Core.Calmfidence meets Performance is all about.

Through inner transformation from within.

experience-based. No theories or psycho-education.

With mental interventions that work on the deepest levels and holistically! 


Without pressure, restrictions ore rules to follow  - you probably have enough of these in your life.


Without talking for hours – the interventions work even without context. That means you can keep your secrets to yourself.

Calmness + Confidence =

I will show you how you can release the states of inner serenity charged with creative power for yourself. That kind of CORE.CALMFIDENCE that comes from within you and doesn't depend on anyone or anything! 


The more positive you feel about yourself, the more you will achieve and implement your project with ease. It's not the other way around. Since 2014 I  help entrepreneurs, top executives, lawyers, singers, models and therapists to achieve their goals by helping them cultivate their holistic well-being inside outNow let's do the same for you!

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