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What is

CALMFIDENCE = (Calmness + Confidence) X Core

An inner state of serenity multiplied by self-confidence.

This mental state will largely decide whether the challenges of life break you or help you!


Yes, you can use the turning points of life to further develop your inner strength and to unfold your true potential!

Said and done! But how?

Self-Leadership Program



Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
Presse as seen on new Nell Puetter CALMFIDENCE ACADEMY  Self-Leadership Award Best Executi
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Because your performance as a leader is sustainable when it is based on holistic unity of health, emotional wellbeing and happy relationships.

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Even the best planned and most desired turning points in life can come with the greatest challenges. No one is immune from all difficulties and adverse circumstances.

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team work with CALMFIDENCE®

... because from the state of Calmfidence it is easier for us to enter the next level of human performance and increases the outcome of the team work. More

Top athletes have long recognised this: They have their holistic coaches on board. Because they know that success depends on more dimensions than "just" physical training.   

What we do

Entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives and expats have been working with us since 2014 to overcome burnout and other mental issues and ultimately elevate their performance.

They achieve their goals and master life's turning points by entering and cultivating the flow state of CALMFIDENCE.


Let's do the same for you now!


Because cultivating the state of Calmfidence is an art of "flowing within" that is linked to increased productivity, calmness, confidence, creativity, and well-being.


The guiding thread in our coaching and training programs is the aspiration for full development of one's own potential.

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Evidence-based approach

Based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience

Achieve sustainable peak performance using methods proven by top-performers. The effectiveness of the methods has been impressively demonstrated several times.


The method is holistic, so it has the great advantage that it can leads to lasting results within a very short time.

transition with CALMFIDENCE Unerwartete Lebenskrisen, Arbeitsbelastung, der Verlust eines

transition with CALMFIDENCE

Unexpected life crises, work stress, the loss of a loved one, financial crash, a hard breakup, the coronavirus, or professional challenges can shake our emotional stability, sense of security, and self-esteem.


Our inner self-confidence is tested when we go through a particularly difficult phase. We are all facing a change in life that can have strong emotional triggers.

Therefore, the art of maintaining composure, concentration and inner well-being despite all adversity is a crucial resource in life.

Take charge


Lead yourself and master your emotional world before you lead others!

Learn how you can independently shed your ballast in order to reach your goals with more inner stability and composure in the future. Be it professional or private. Because everything is connected to everything.


Discover this state of CALMFIDENCE. Because you can overcome crises and thereby create great things if you are calm and determined at the same time!

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About you

You work hard and you're under pressure...

There is a lack of time and the workload is high...

Because of all the cinema in your head, you can't even switch off in the evening...

You currently have many open construction sites, both privately and professionally...

You feel like something needs to change. You want more than what you are used to!

Because for entrepreneurs or executives, growth is closely linked to success.

The fact is: In order to be really fulfilled and happy, it takes more than "just" top performance on the outside.

Together we can move a lot!

The CALMFIDENCE Inside Out approach looks at you as a whole. We build the bridge to your CORE so that you activate and cultivate your inner power state.


Because when you live your potential out of your CORE, you are in flow more often, so you can move even more into the world.

CALMFIDENCE approach is unique. Once the whole powerhouse is activated, great things can be achieved. Professionally and at home.

Yes but how?


This is exactly what Calmfidence is all about.

Through inner transformation from within.

Through experiential change. No theories or psycho-education from the book.

With holistic mental interventions that work on the deepest levels! 


Without pressure, restrictions ore rules to follow  - you probably have enough of these in your life.


Without spending time talking for hours – our mental interventions work even without context. That means you can keep your secrets to yourself.

Let's tackle this together!

You will learn how to access the states of inner calm, supercharged with self-confidence, creativity and lightness. From the inside out!

Use our diverse range of methods, which makes the inner transformation so profound and effective, so that the necessary change has a gentle but direct effect. And results is permanent.​

Whether in a workshop or in 1:1session

We start where you are right now.

We work with your problems, questions and goals.

We elevate your values and expand your mindset.

We check your habits for success or failure.

We dissolve obstacles to success and fears.

We uncover needs and create fulfilling opportunities.

We create routines and rituals that strengthen you and provide you with energy.

We pave new paths to success in your brain.


You will realise:

what adjustments you can make,

how you can be inspirational for yourself and those around you,

how to live happier in a balance of Calmfidence.

mockup blueprint of core calmfidence .png

how to access, activate and cultivate your innate calmness and confidence.

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